Bathtub Repair & Chip Repair

What Kind of Tubs can be fixed?

Repairs on bathtubs, showers and sinks are feasible when the finish is in good condition and the damage is localized to one or two places. Whether your surface area is acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble or porcelain. Unique Stone Resurfacing™ can quickly take care of these repairs.

Fixtures are often damaged during shipping, during setup, or sometimes as an effect of a sharp or heavy item accidentally falling onto the surface. When these fixtures are in otherwise good condition, it makes sense to perform a tub or chip repair. This type of tub repair can be performed right where it is – inexpensively and immediately.

Sink Repair

How are repairs made?

Unique Stone Resurfacing™ bathtub repair uses, polyester resins that are waterproof to fill cracks and chips. Once properly sanded and filled, the bathtub is refinish with our liquid porcelain coating. The fixed area is carefully combined into the surrounding surface so well that it is practically imperceptible. Nine out of ten people will not be able to discover Unique Stone Resurfacing™ repair. Usually, you may still detect it because you understand just where it was.

bathtub repair

Is it more affordable to replace my tub?

Bathtub repair is typically considerably more economic than replacement. An individual toilet tub repair will often be below $500 compared to bathtub replacement costs that can surpass $3000! It might be tempting to buy tub repair kits, such as a DIY project. Nevertheless, it’s nearly impossible to reach a long lasting, color matched repair without using professional bathtub refinishing products.

  • Bathtub Refinishing

  • Bathtub Refinishing

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