Don’t Replace, Resurface!

Bathtub resurfacing
using our Liquid Porcelain

Replacing a bathtub is expensive, invasive, and time consuming. It requires tearing up the whole bathroom, messing with the plumbing, and can take weeks even in a pair of experienced hands. So what is an alternative? That’s where we come in.

Below we’ll walk you through step by step to explain why you should choose a bathtub refinishing technique over replacement. We’ll also explain our techniques to give you a better understanding of what you can expect from Unique Stone Resurfacing™.

One of our trained technicians will come to your home and preform the job in less than one day. They will start by cleaning, sanding, removing any neccessary caulking and repairing the bathtub, if repairs are needed. Once the prep work is completed, they will mask the surrounding area to ensure that there is no over spray and clean up is a breeze. After the area has been properly masked to secure protection, our tech will mix the chemical compound on site and spray six coats of what we call “Liquid Porcelain”. The bathtub will immediately begin the curing process and our tech will inspect the outcome. If they are completely satisfied with their results, they will demask and leave your bathroom as clean as they arrived. This will all be accomplished in just a few short hours and the bathtub will be ready for full use in only 48 hours.

Bathtub refinishing gives you the same great look and feel of a full replacement, but at 25% of the cost!

the Bathtub will Look Brand New!

When your family or guests use your newly refinished tub, they won’t know the difference between it and a brand new tub. The two will be completely indistinguishable. Don’t be surprised if people start commenting on your great tub after seeing your bathroom. Whether or not you tell them the truth is up to you.

How do we achieve such a great look without replacing the tub with a new one? You may think of it as applying liquid porcelain. The important thing to realize is that what we do is not a paint job. We can provide just about any color you desire to match the rest of your bathroom, but what we are doing is not “painting.” Instead we’re applying something akin to liquid porcelain, giving your tub a glossy, smooth finish. No cracking paint, no fading colors. Your tub will look like it’s made for royalty with its new finish. Expensive? Not at all. You’ll get an expensive, high-quality look without paying for it. Why buy a new tub that looks exactly the same when you can simply overhaul the old one for 25% of the cost?

Typical 5 Foot Bathtub Cost and Time Comparison

Replacement Cost With Complete Removal

$850 – Demolition (Including removal and disposal)


$350 – Replacement tub cost


$550 – Plumber’s bill


$650 – Services of a tile setter


$850 – Carpentry, caulking, and floor repairs


$3,250 – Total cost of replacement


7-10 Full Days – Time for completion

Cost of Using Unique Stone Resurfacing™ For Refinishing

$0 – Demolition (Including removal and disposal)


$0 – Replacement tub cost


$0 – Plumber’s bill


$0 – Services of a tile setter


$0 – Carpentry, caulking, and floor repairs


$490-650 – Total cost of refinishing


1 Short Day – Time for completion

Quick Turnaround With Use in 48 hrs.

Replacing an old tub with a brand new one takes weeks, even a month if something goes wrong during the process. Even the most competent remodelers will make mistakes from time to time. Not to mention what happens if something goes wrong with your bathroom plumbing! Thankfully, bathtub refinishing takes much less time. Within a matter of 1 day you’ll have your “new” tub ready to be used. That’s what really matters, right? What good is a tub if you can’t take a bath in it?

Give us 1 day of your time and we’ll be sure to give you a quick turnaround so you can get back to your everyday life.

Breathe Fresh Life Into Your Bathroom

Have you been wanting to remodel the look and design of your bathroom without the sticker shock? We’ve already gone over how much cheaper it is to get a refinish as opposed to replacing the whole thing. But how does that translate to the rest of your bathroom? Since we can refinish your tub in just about any color, you can go ahead and remodel the rest of your bathroom in any color you wish. Go from drab white to a popping stone finish with our help. Your bathroom should be relaxing, so get it how you want!

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